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Interactive Open Studio 2024

Despite the perception of art and technology as contradictory, combined can generate fresh and groundbreaking pieces with varying degrees of interactivity and depth. Here at Pratt's Interactive Arts program, we investigate the relationship between art and technology, use a combination of computer software and physical artwork to create engaging experiences, and fully immerse those who participate.

Exhibition Open Call

The Interactive Open Studio seeks artworks that use technology creatively and artistically in the process or final presentation. Selected works will be curated into a gallery exhibition in the DDA Gallery from March 19th – 22nd, and the artists will be invited to the Open Studio Day event to share their insights and processes.

Pratt students from all majors are welcome to submit their work, including but not limited to Digital Art, Installation, Photography, Performance, Moving Image, and Animation.


February 21st, 2024 (Wed) 11:59pm

Important Dates

Notification of Selection: February 22nd (Thu) – 29th (Thu)
Dropoff and Installation: March 18th (Mon)
De-installation: March 25th (Mon)


Artists will be responsible for installing and de-installing their own artwork within the given time. General tools will be provided by the DDA Gallery. Devices such as projectors and computers can be borrowed upon request, depending on the availability at the Resource Center.

For any questions about the event and open call, please contact Jianhao at [email protected].

Exhibition Dates
Mar 19 (Tue) 12:00pm - 6:30pm
Mar 20 (Wed) 9:00am - 6:30pm
Mar 21 (Thu)*  9:00am - 6:30pm
Mar 22 (Fri) 9:00am - 6:30pm
* events will be held in the afternoon


The reception will be held together with the Open Studio Day event on Mar 21, 2024 (Thu) from 12 - 2pm.

Exhibition Location

On the Open Studio Day, BFA/MFA Interactive Studios will be open to Pratt students, faculties, and the public.* Students from the Interactive Art BFA/MFA programs will show their past works and works in progress in their studio spaces. Come and talk with us, and enjoy the free pizzas and drinks!

* non-Pratt person needs to pre-register for entry, additional information will be posted.

Event Date

Mar 21, 2024 (Thu) 12pm - (continues to the afternoon)

Event Location


Pratt Interactive Open Studio Instagram

Upon the artist's approval, the selected artworks will be promoted through our Instagram @pratt.ios (Pratt Interactive Open Studio). Our team will also take documentation photos and videos after gallery installation.


DDA weekly newsletter
DDA weekly newsletter

This Open Studio event will be announced through the DDA weekly newsletter. Outstanding selected works will have the opportunity to be featured in the Student, Faculty & Staff recognition section of the weekly newsletter.


Student CuratorsYuan Fang, Yue Fei, Kaylee Jang, Ananda Ray, Abner Wang, Yvonne Wang, Jiuwen Zeng, Ailun Zhou, Jianhao Zheng

Sponsor   Pratt Art + Tech Club

InstructorsSophia Sobers, Blake Carrington

Department of Digital Arts

ChairDoug Easterly

Assitant ChairLinda Lauro-Lazin

Assitant to the ChairAllie Kelley

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